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Does the Internet make you Smarter or Dumber?

Posted in Uncategorized by kelseylindsey on June 10, 2010

I think that both these articles,  Does the Internet make you smarter? and Does the Internet make you dumber? focus on the extreme sides of this argument and do not truly show solidified evidence that supports the side that they are defending. I believe that in moderation, the Internet is a useful tool that aids in the progression and evolution of society. Online media not only helps news and information circulate the globe in a faster and more efficient manner, but keeps the world connected, hopefully benefiting all parties involved. Maybe people are afraid of the change that the Internet will bring and what the future may entail, but the Internet does help social, political and educational communication and research as well, making information more accessible to a wider audience.

Conversely, the key word is moderation. Without moderation, I feel as though too many people are are way to reliant on the Internet. Many people cannot go a day without checking there emails, reading Facebook status or surfing useless information that probably doesn’t even pertain to their day to day lives. This seems slightly unhealthy. People need to find a balance between the physical world around them and the people they encounter regularly with the Internet. Take time to read a book or a newspaper, look up information in libraries, find recipes in cookbooks, write a letter to a long distance friend, have a conversation with someone in person. These are ways of communication and transmission of information that has not failed in the past, so why break something that isn’t broken. Instead, use the Internet as an enhancement.

Matthew Ingram further discusses these two articles on

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